September 23, 2018

FAQ for Virtual Fun Run Option


This is just a quick update to answer a few regular questions, standby in the coming days for more information as the event nears.

Please refer to our main FaQ page for more about the Fun Run.

  1. What is a “Virtual Fun Run”?

A Virtual Fun Run allows you to train for a fun run and participate without attending at the official Fun Run event.  You get the satisfaction of completing the Fun Run distance and contributing to a community fund raising event.

This is aimed at helping those that.

  • Are away or working on the day of the fun run.
  • Have other conflicts on a Sunday morning.
  • Not a fan of running in groups but would like to be part of a community event.
  • Prefer to run on a treadmill inside.

2. When can I participate?

You can do your Virtual Run 7 Days prior (ie: The Sunday before actual fun run) and up to 7 days AFTER (Midnight the following Saturday) or any day in between.

  1. How do I participate?

You need to sign up for the Fun Run as per a normal entry, select your distance and mark that you intend to do it as a Virtual Run.

There will be some nominated locations for treadmill runs, if you attend these locations you will be able to collect you medal and singlet (if purchased) at that venue.  Go to the reception desk and provide proof of entry and you will be assisted.

PARC in Frankston have offered One FREE entry to their gym for non members.  Just show your proof of registration at the reception desk.

  1. How do I prove I have done the Virtual Fun Run?

When you finish the run, you can do one of the following…

  • Just take a picture of you in your running gear and photo/screen grab of an app or treadmill screen showing you have completed your nominated distance.
  • If you have completed this at one our participating treadmill locations, you take a photo of the treadmill screen.
  • Post this on the Fun Run Facebook page to celebrate and be registered as complete. Make sure the name on the post aligns with the registered name. If you do not wish to use Facebook you can email the picture to .
  1. How do I get my running bib, medal and singlet (if ordered).
  • If you are running at one of our treadmill locations, and you have noted this on your entry, we will do our best to get your bib and singlet to the location for you to pick up. If notice is too short, we may miss you but your medallion will be there and if you come back in a few days your bib and singlet (if purchased) will be there.
  • We will have a pickup the Friday (2 days) before at Riviera Park Club Rooms from 5:30 till 7PM
  • We will have a pickup the following Saturday morning at Riviera Park Club Rooms.
  • You have the option of paying $5 for pack/post/handling and we can mail out to you anywhere in Australia.

6. What happens if I intended to run on the day but change to a virtual run?

That is OK, we will hold onto your items for 7 days after the fun run. You can arrange to pick as outlined above for Virtual Run.

  • Singlets cannot be guaranteed after early bird entries.
  • All finishers will receive one of our specially designed finisher medal
  1. As a virtual run, can I be part of a team?

Teams are primarily assessed based on total kilometres run by team.

As we need to award prizes on the day of the run, only those in a team who COMPLETE their registered distance by midnight FRIDAY directly before the actual fun run can be counted.

8. What do I get for my registration?

The high level of interest we are getting with the Virtual Fun Run can be put down to the following…

  • Setting a goal for you to achieve and get recognition
  • Work with a group to reach that goal
  • The great feeling that you are helping very worth community organisations while getting fit!
  • All participants receive a Medallion.  This has been designed by the Seaford North Primary.
  • All participants receive a race bib, if you register early enough your name will be on it.
  • For below cost you can order one of our singlets – also designed by the Seaford North Primary