September 12, 2021

E-Scape FAQ

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What events are supported?

We have listed…

  • Running, Jogging, Walking.
  • Wheelchair
  • Swimming, Paddling
  • Cycling
  • Skates and Skateboards

Where do I see everyone’s progress?

You can see your Groups progress within your group or the combined effort by viewing results as per the pic below.

Can I do more than one event per day?

Yes, we encourage being Active, as long as it is recorded and a supported Activity. Record everything in Strava as a Run though.

Do I need to be in a group?

Yes, but if you do not have one to join we will add you to one of our groups, you choose which group name you want to join during registration. You do not need to meet with group members or communicate unless you choose to.

When does the E-Scape run?

It starts on November 1st and finishes at midnight on November 28th.

Can I change my activity during the month?

On any day you can do a different activity.

What do I have to pay?

We have given you the option of paying what you want with a recommendation of $25 but it can be FREE. There are purchase options for bib and medal.

Where does the money go?

This event is run by Rotary Peninsula 2.0 Rotary club. All funds go to our community, local, national and international initiatives. We are all volunteers and there is no administration charges taken out. Other than costs directly associated with operating this even, all money goes back to our supported organisations.

Do I need a Bib?

No, this is optional but a great momento for breaking out of this Covid period. Bibs are FREE but if you require postage there is a fee.

Do I get a medal & ribbon for participating?

Yes these are available but subject to a fee unless you have paid the minimum recommended donation, plus postage is required.

Do I need Strava?

You do not have to have Strava, however it will make it much simpler for you to track your activity and it is free. You can run it on any smartphone. A good short video on how is here.
NOTE: Strava makes it much simpler to track your activity and we now support a range of apps that integrate with Challenge Hound – see this Challenge Hound support link.
Also, you will be able to add directly into Challenge Hound without a tracking app, see here for help on this.

What if I don’t want Strava?

You can manually update the Challenge Hound Web site with activities. You will miss out on a number of details. See above links.

What is Challenge Hound?

This is a website that Strava automatically updates and allows us to track group progress. Check your email as you will be sent a link and code to access your Group on Challenge Hound. Email for help. Check your Spam folder.

How do I enter Childrens details in Challenge Hound?

If you are OK to add them as a manual entry under your own Challenge Hound, that is simplest. You can put Peter 2Km run for example. It will total up under your entry though. Remember, your personal details will remain in Strava.

Other option is to create a separate login just to Challenge Hound for your children and put them all under that.

Do I need to be on Facebook?

No, it is not necessary, however we will be providing updates and weekly prize information on the Facebook page.

Are there prizes?

Yes, each week and at the end of the event there will be prizes. Some restrictions may apply where shipping is required. The prizes will not just be related to best performance, could be things like highest location of activity, funniest outfit, most colourful outfit, best group collage etc.