September 26, 2020

E-scape Sign Up

How It Works

  1. Register via RegisterNow to start logging your activity for the month of NOVEMBER.
    During Registration you can Create or Join a Group if someone has created it already.
    You can also sign up as an individual and during registration join one of the prepared Groups.
  2. Sign up for Strava – All participants will need to sign up or do their entries manually
  3. Request to join the Peninsula Active E-scape Strava Club – further details on this are available on the Wetlands Fun Website.
  4. We’ll create the Group for you and provide you with a link and code (via email) to join your Group on Challenge Hound.
  5. Complete your activities using either Strava or linking your own GPS device to Strava. (Manual entry is possible)
  6. Share activity (optional) with the Strava Club and on the Challenge Facebook page

1st November to 30th November


Any sort of activity and you can …

  • Run, Jog, Walk
  • Wheelchair
  • Swim, Paddle
  • Skateboard, Skate
  • Ride