September 26, 2020

Peninsula Active E-Scape

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About Peninsula Active E-Scape

A Virtual Event

The Peninsula Active E-Scape has been designed with the following in mind…

  • Encourage participants to get out and enjoy their favourite activity.
  • Running, walking, cycling, paddling, swimming etc – all count!
  • Give everyone something to look forward to in the current Covid life we’re living.
  • Enjoy a GROUP activity safely, but virtually. You need to be part of a Group or during registration pick one of our prepared Groups.
  • Raise some much needed funds for our key beneficiaries.

Entry is by donation, so can be FREE and you can still order a Bib and Medal. We encourage a small donation to support our charities that normally benefit from our Fun Run.

The data that we receive during the whole of November, from all the individuals and groups for the duration of the event will be accumulated online and will show us how far across the country we’ve traveled. Let’s escape and travel through Europe… virtually of course!

We will have weekly awards that are not necessarily related to the fastest or longest distance – something everyone could participate in – its about participating and having fun.

NOTE: Strava makes it much simpler to track your activity and we now support a range of apps that integrate with Challenge Hound – see this Challenge Hound support link.

Also, you will be able to add directly into Challenge Hound without a tracking app, see here for help on this.

Sign up In 5 easy stepssee our Sign up info page for more detail.

1. Go to our secure Registration site via a Register button or this link

**NOTE** If you already have a Strava Account go to Step 3

2. Sign up for Strava – check our strava page.

3. When in Strava join the Peninsula Active E-Scape Club

4. We’ll create the group you put into your registration form for you and provide you with a link and code (via email) to join your group on Challenge Hound.

5. Visit our FunRun Facebook page to track Peninsula Active news and weekly prizes.

Registration can be FREE, but we’d encourage you to support our community beneficiaries through donation when you sign up. They have all provided valuable services to the community during the Covid crisis.

·  Kindred Clubhouse – Mental Health Services in a club environment.

·  Sikh Volunteers – They have delivered 100,000+ free meals just during the Covid period! They also normally volunteer to help with our fun run each year.

·  State Emergency Services – every year this group of volunteers help 1000’s of people.

Organised by Frankston Peninsula 2.0 in place of our annual Fun Run at the end of November and also supported by our local Council, Frankston City Council. We thank Frankston Council for their contribution to encourage positive activity in this Covid environment.

You can participate through most activities, as long as you are active and can measure distance. Can be Running, Jogging, Walking, Cycling, Wheelchair, Skateboard (non powered), Swimming, Paddling etc.

NOTE: You will have to record it as a Run for Strava to share information to our Challenge site – more about this can be found here.

Also, if you wish you can enter manually directly on Challenge Hound site.

When signing up, you can create or join a group you or a friend has created or select one of our pre-listed groups to join. As a group member you still do your own thing, whatever mix of activity types you like – your Km will total up as a group and then tracked on our map.

Bib and Medal are available as optional purchase during registration. Some limits on available quantities may apply.

It will run for the entire month of November – you can record your activities as the month progresses and see your own results in Strava and Group/Team results in Challenge Hound. You will need to be signed up to see.

Below is an example of how the groups will be tracked on the left and on the right the track we will be following.

Supporters of our Events with special thanks to Frankston City Council

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